Our Response to COVID-19 – We Want to Help

The NABOE Community would like to know how we can help during this challenging time. Our sponsors have begun shifting their services and offerings to respond to the challenges businesses are facing. Below are what we are already doing. Please Contact us here to tell us what else you would like to see our community doing, which will make a difference to you and your business.

We’re helping businesses with:

  • Working from Home
  • Moving Your Sales Online
  • Making a Strong Impression Virtually
  • Access to Capital and Legal Resources

This is the Atlantech Online logo.

Atlantech’s Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and Hosted PBX service allows your business to use its office phone number and phone system features from wherever they’re working, including home. You can see the presence and instant messages from others in the organization and conduct conference calls that include screen shares, document sharing, audio conferencing and video. The UCaaS service can be delivered over an Internet connection that Atlantech Online provides or can go “over the top” of your internet service (Xfinity, FiOS, etc.)

  • Business Telephony (VoIP)
  • Unified Communications
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Point to Point Connectivity
  • Cloud Connect Services (connectivity directly into AWS, Azure, Google, etc.)

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This is the Atigro logo.

We are helping companies move their sales online quickly via digital ads, ecommerce, SEO, and emails that drive leads and convert to sales. We have affordable offerings to help you quickly adapt your website and marketing to reflect new market needs. Contact us for a complimentary one hour consult to discuss adapting to this new business environment.

  • Accelerating your sales online
  • Accepting payments online & sensitive documents
  • Adapting your website and marketing
  • Mapping new markets
  • Staying in touch with customers


  • 15% off of our new offers

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This is the Margot Schulman Photography logo.

As we work from home and consider new ways to move forward with our businesses, many companies are taking a good look at their marketing pieces. It’s a great time to get to work to see if the material that you send to potential clients shows off your company in its BEST LIGHT.  Let us help you navigate: 

  • Reinvigorate your client base by showing off “the best of your business”
  • Plan for the update of your site’s photos
  • Use dynamic headshots and fresh images
  • Let’s discuss what separates you from the pack
  • Working together, we can translate your company strengths into strong visuals
  • Linkedin – schedule headshots so your introduction is a great one


  • 20% off photography services

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This is the Shulman Rogers logo.

Shulman Rogers is a full-service law firm that is fully operational with a virtual workforce.  Our attorneys are working closely with clients to help mitigate the significant negative effects the COVID-19 outbreak is having on their companies and employees.  The world and business as we know it are changing by the minute. To help you navigate the quickly changing legal and regulatory landscape, we are posting timely updates and guidance. Please visit regularly for new and updated information, and contact your Shulman Rogers attorney with any questions you may have. For general inquiries and assistance, please send an email to Lane. Check out up to date info on the following topics:

  • Business grants, loans and other relief
  • Cannabis
  • Contracts – Enforcing or breaking in light of COVID-19
  • Employment – Impacts of new federal laws
  • Government contracts
  • Litigation and court access developments
  • Residential settlements
  • Restructuring, bankruptcy and creditors’ rights
  • Tax updates
  • Technology transactions


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Shipshape Logo

Schedule an expert assessment to obtain cybersecurity recommendations tailored to recent changes to your workforce caused by the COVID-19 outbreak

The COVID-19 outbreak is providing an opportunity for cybercriminals. With workers abruptly shifting to home offices, away from the protections of managed and fortified corporate networks, hackers and ransomware perpetrators are ramping up their targeting of these less secure, less prepared environments.

Shipshape IT advises that employers:

  • Arm your staff with the knowledge to identify these malicious attempts and take appropriate action.
  • Implement a proactively managed SPAM, AV/Malware solution. Avoid relying on end-users to apply security updates.
  • Patch, update, repeat. Implement a managed, automated solution to ensure protective updates for operating systems and applications are immediately accepted and applied.
  • Office, home or mobile, proper data backup is the only sure-fire defense, and no one solution is 100% effective 100% of the time. A bulletproof approach consists of multiple copies, offsite locations and files, and image-based backups.

Protect Your Transition To Remote Work