Does Your Buy-Sell Agreement Really Protect Your Family?

Owners sign buy-sell (or business continuity) agreements and rely on them to protect their families’ financial security should they die or become disabled. That reliance may be justified when owners periodically update the terms of those agreements for changes in business ownership and value. But relying on an “old” agreement can have consequences that owners […]


Is Your Business Really Your Best Investment?

Over 30 years, Laverne and Shirley (not their real names) had built a successful manufacturing company. Even during slow years, company revenue growth was constant, and year in and year out, Laverne and Shirley invested and reinvested in their company. During our annual planning meetings, we repeatedly recommended that each owner put some money into […]

Minimize The Time You Spend Wondering “Where Do I Start?”

In December, our firm presented a workshop about business succession planning through the local chamber of commerce. KC and his wife Lisa (fictional names, of course) indicated that they’d like to meet with us because they knew they weren’t going to stay in their business forever, but they weren’t sure where to begin the process […]

Process Excellence Drives Business Excellence

Success in business doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Everything must come together and work in a connected way to make the business successful. And in our first several parts of this series on the keys to business success, we demonstrated how Its People Who Drive Business Success — because it falls to the people within […]

How To Write A Blog Like a Pro

Let’s assume that you are already a good writer, and that you know all the basics. The first thing to know about writing blogs is that brevity changes everything.  Short writing is different from any other kind of writing, and a good piece of short writing has many things in common with poetry and music.  […]


Isolation Leaves Another Business Owner At Sea

Isolation affects individuals, but it has a special affinity for business owners. During hard times, many owners wonder if anyone can understand what it is like to make the hard decisions day after day, month after month, year after year. During good times, owners fall into the trap of believing that they can do it […]

Intellect or Emotion: Who’s in Control of Your Business Decisions?

First, full disclosure: The idea of equating emotions to elephants is not mine. In his book, The Happiness Hypothesis, psychologist Jonathan Haidt suggests that our emotions are like elephants and our intellect their riders. He argues that emotions can be stronger than intellect and can motivate our actions, especially when we don’t acknowledge their existence. […]

Communications Can Fuel Business Success

Many factors contribute to being successful in business. Having a sound strategy, having a marketable product or service, and having efficient processes are all important. And in our first part in this series on the 5 Pillars to Business Success, we demonstrated how Its People Who Drive Business Success, because it fallsMany factors contribute to […]

The Importance of People in Business Success

Many factors contribute to being successful in business. Having a sound strategy, having a marketable product or service, and having efficient processes are all important. But it falls to the people within the organization to actually execute on the strategies, plans, and processes to make a business successful. I know that many leaders understand this […]


How To Hit the Target Every Time

 It’s amazing how many people put a statement like the following in their business and/or strategic plan: “The total market for our product is projected to be $1 billion in five years. If we only get 10% of it, we will be a $100 million company in five years.” This is also known as the […]



As NABOE members, we are all intrepid thinkers and doers. Our August 10th gathering featuring speaker Asghar Mostafa was compelling in that it helped us think beyond our business today, to what it could look like tomorrow. Mostafa’s experience in successfully building and selling his various businesses highlighted that if you have one great idea, […]


Who needs a Benefits Consultant? YOU DO.

In the age of the Internet, where it seems that any service or commodity imaginable is available at the click of a button, do insurance brokers still matter? ABSOLUTELY! The Obama administration’s Affordable Care Act (ACA / Obamacare) may seem simple and consumer-friendly –“just go online to enroll,” but rates have soared over the past […]

How to Execute a Business Turnaround in 2017

Turning around businesses and dramatically improving performance is something I’ve done repeatedly over the years. A lot of friends and colleagues have come to recognize me as an expert in this area, so I’m often asked whether a quick business turnaround is possible, if turnarounds are easy, and whether a turnaround solution is even affordable […]


Marketing Southwest Air from the Inside Out

Remember when flying was fun… and then it really wasn’t? Let’s take a look at the airline that changed all that – that broke the mold – that marketed itself from the inside out as a different kind of airline and restored joy to air travel. Herb Kelleher, Southwest’s CEO focused way beyond merely transporting […]


Globalization Primer

Globalization Primer – An introduction to preparing your business and products for success in international markets I came across a great Globalization Primer put out by the Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA) published a few years ago and want to share it with you. The authors Arle Lommel and Rebecca Ray introduce you to the […]